The Ice Queen

Cluster Generation

The motley band takes shape

Sfsfmkii cluster

The cluster is rolled up, with the only source of T: +2 ships being in Highport. We name it that because we reason (based on the Environment) that it was hit hard by the last fall, but has access to an old military shipyard at the top of an orbital elevator which descends down into a completely uninhabitable NBC contaminated planet.

These guys have limited numbers, but use their technology advantage to keep a stranglehold on the rest of the system through covert intelligence and behind-the-scenes manipulations. They contract shipsteaders and merchants-at-arms out of Nexus and Mog.

The Commonwealth is the most likely foil for these guys. It is a relatively wealthy place that is on the cusp of breaking out of T: +1 technology, and has the potential to

Nexus thrives on its connectedness, and Highport runs customs there to make sure their technology isnt being smuggled to the Commonwealth — and also to keep their thumb on anything of strategic significance happening in the cluster.

Epcott is a corporate paradise. Its rich and they export culture as well as resources. They’re happy being an economic powerhouse, and they and Highport are often deep into each others pockets.

Mog is the home of two of our PCs, a pitiful hive of scum and villainy that is basically a wart on the rest of the cluster. We had a hard time figuring out how it was relevant, except that it helped connect to Haven. We put two political factions there, a group that wants to use resources from Haven (or resources extorted from ships passing through) to industrialize and improve the local way of life. The other guys are an exodus faction. Since everyone else in the cluster would rather keep these poor guys out of sight, their only exodus option is Haven.

Of course, most sane people would rather keep Haven for their greedy selves than have a bunch of ill mannered Moggi pirates moving in.

I was going to toss out the intro game as a fun non-sequitur, but the stats for Haven fit it too well. We decided Haven was a recent connection to the cluster, and who controls it (and its easy-picking high-tech artifacts) will have a large say in the future of the cluster.



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