The Ice Queen

Game 3

Who's Ship is This, Anyway?

The crew of the Ice Queen dispatch a couple more Highport ships, and have some bloodless infighting around who’s in charge and what their strategic goals are. Boarders are casually repelled.

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During the social combat, Ubuntu starts firmly in the “This is my ship” camp, but makes some concessions towards survival to pull Argentus and Ka to his side.

Salim advocates democratic empowerment for Mog, and Pulls Ka a little closer to that idea.

Winthrop moves Salim slightly out of his position, but does not convince him to accept that TIQ is already in a state of unconditional warfare.

Winthrop is pushed towards accepting Ubuntu as captain, and the general momentum of the crew ends up most heavily weighted to that position.

Perspectives on the other key ideas shake out of where each player ends up on the map at the end of the combat.


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