The Ice Queen

Game 4

Meet the Derks

TIQ’s superior EW capabilities enable them to identify what Highport is considering High Priority targets in the Haven system — as well as extrapolate their likely response points.

They head to one of the targets to see what is there, and come upon a T: -2 settlement on one of the ring segments, suspiciously similar to the Game 0 introduction vignette.

The Ice Queen runs a blockade of Highport defensive satellites, and matches rotational speed with the ring segment to “land”. Contact is made with the locals, and they trade with one of the leaders (Derk) for some basic supplies, some artifacts, a couple of companions (Derkette and Derkettera) and get saddled with a self-righteous but somewhat naive super soldier (Derkest) that the locals didn’t seem to want anymore.

TIQ runs the blockade and stops off at another vacant station to scavenge for repairs, and then heads for Mog.


puke puke

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