The Ice Queen

Game 5

Kings of Mog

Highport navy is all over Mog’s primary transshipping hub, and is busy retrofitting slip drives onto Moggi freighters. They seem to have quite a few clones of Derkest on their payroll. No one wants to chat.

Local pirates give Ubuntu the stink-eye, but he makes a social save with his fists. The crew sells their Haven artifacts in exchange for a cargo of T: +2 military hardware, and everyone makes tracks before the original owners figure out that it was misappropriated.

Moggi raiders intercept TIQ (who is burning slow under the guise of a low tech freighter) on the way to the slipknot, but she makes short work of the swarm of T: -2 raiders. Two freighters are taken on as prize ships, and they follow TIQ into Haven.

Ubuntu, after butchering a non trivial portion of the freighters’ crew, realizes that he is only good at solving problems through violence and brow beats Ka into taking his place as the future leader of Mog.


puke puke

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