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Rules Hacks:

  • Stressless
  • Consequences

- Ship Combat (simultaneous)
- Damcon

- Brokerage / Maintenance

- Wealth

- Healing

  • Social Combat

- One use of an attack skill per combat per player (george may attack with bureaucracy in round 1, but must use different skills in subsequent rounds. Other players may use this skill in subsequent rounds, unless they have used it previously themselves)

- One use of a defense skill per combat per player (george may defend with bureaucracy in round 2, even though he attacked with it in round one. He must thereafter use other skills for defense)

- not totally happy with this, toying with a phased model for social combat with restricted skill lists per phase, similar to space combat. Advantage of current social combat is flexible skill use – disadvantage is that competent players will always find a way to use highest skill.

Codifying skill use allows specialized characters to shine but reduces flexibility.

Flexible skill use lets people be more creative, but they will always use their highest skills such that everyone is equal in all situations… except for the poor fuckers who aren’t creative enough to abuse the FATE system.

  • Compells

- …

Main Page

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